Congratulations to our fencers headed to Junior Olympics!

We will be closed Monday, Feb 18th!

Peninsula Fencing Academy is a full-service facility that instructs in the sport of fencing. It has resources to recruit, develop and prepare competitive fencers at every stage of their development. It also has the officiating and organizational resources necessary to host quality fencing tournaments. We offer a unique environment that is safe, healthy and effective in instructing a large base of clientele, competitive and recreational, while retaining many qualities highly desired by parents of young athletes. All members of its coaching staff are certified through internationally recognized certification bodies, and they are actively involved in continuing education.

We actively contribute toward the ideals of Positive Coaching Alliance in developing and strengthening the participation of young, old, able-bodied and disabled, all alike in the sport of fencing.

All our staff members are periodically screened by USA Fencing, as well as evaluated by the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association. We are among the few organizations with a distinction of being recognized as a USFCA Guild Academy.

835B East San Carlos Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070