Youth Beginner Classes (Introduction to Fencing):

This ongoing class is recommended for those that have never fenced before and are between the ages of 6 and 14. It provides a fun exposure to the sport in a safe setting. With a focus on fun fencing and games, every fencer walks away from this class with a smile on their face. Our youth classes include general fitness, footwork, bladework, bouting, hand eye coordination drills, and games. Once they graduate from this class, they are invited to join either the Youth Fundamentals or the Youth Competitive Class.

Youth Competitive Class:

This is the program for our young athletes once they have graduated the Youth Beginner class. While still focusing on fencing as a medium to learn hard work, dedication, and responsibility, this class is geared towards competition in addition to fun.

A combination of fencing specific exercises and non-sport specific conditioning and coordination drills prepare athletes for the next level of competition. Most days include warm up games, conditioning, dynamic and static stretching, footwork, bladework, and bouting. Also included in this program is tactical theory, competition analysis, competition preparation, sports psychology, nutrition, and general healthy living. This is a comprehensive program that guides our athletes towards their competitive goals. The coaches work with the athletes to design competitive programs and schedules. Athletes work closely with coaches to ensure they are constantly progressing towards their goals.


Teen / Adult beginner classes (Introduction to Fencing):

This rolling admissions class will teach all the basics of fencing while making sure everyone that comes in has fun and gets a workout. Our adult beginner classes focus on using fencing as a medium for a fun dynamic workout. General fitness, coordination drills and games, footwork, blade work, and bouting are all introduced in this course.

Teen / Adult Competitive Class:

This is the program for all of our competitive athletes ages 13 and up. It is directly targeted to fencers who are competing at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Warm up games and exercises, coordination games, technical footwork, tactical footwork, bladework drills, bouting drills, tactical analysis, video review, nutrition, competition preparation, competition review, training cycle, and sports psychology are all covered in this comprehensive program.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are focused sessions with one of our coaches. They are specifically tailored to what that fencer needs. Lessons are paramount for all developing fencers, and are meant to be used in combination with the group class training. Neither lessons nor group classes can supplant the value of the other.

We recommend all fencers looking to compete locally take at least 1 lesson per week, and when fencers are looking to compete regionally and nationally, they move up to at least 2 lessons per week. Those with aspirations for success at national level and beyond are strongly encouraged to take multiple lessons per week, in addition to their own personal work and class work.