About Us

“Technical excellence is the antecedent of tactical creativity.”

The Peninsula Fencing Academy fully supports the individual goals of all fencers. Some might want to come to us once a week to play Star Wars and have fun with a sword, some might want to come twice a week to stay in shape because they prefer fencing to running on a treadmill, and some might want to come 5 days a week to train towards to goal of being an elite athlete. Whatever your aspirations or motivations may be, you are always welcome at the Peninsula Fencing Academy.

When athletes and families visit us, it doesn’t take long to realize the camaraderie, friendship and hard working team spirit that exist in our club. We worked very hard in order to create and maintain an atmosphere that promotes excellence through perseverance. We are very inclusive, and we are very proud of members who are supportive of each other’s endeavors.

It is our hope to contribute toward elevating the quality and expectations of fencing training in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to establishing long-term relations with top NCAA programs and Olympic preparation programs in the U.S., we also promote an on-going education of our coaching staff through certification and mentoring processes, as well as facilitating coaching clinics.

We also strive to develop a master-class tournament hosting services through rigorous training, simulations, planning and invitation of top referees in the nation and the world.