Here’s what fencing professionals say about us.

“It is an honor and a pleasure to recommend Jay Choi for the Coaching position. Jay is knowledgeable fencing instructor, attentive to his students and very thorough in his approach to teaching. In the same time he is fun to be with, always open for a good humor and supportive to students’ initiative. In addition, Jay is an accomplished fencing Referee. His demeanor is impeccable, his attitude is positive, his ability to accept a positive criticism is commendable. Just put it in short, Jay Choi is a good man!”

Emmanuil Kaidanov
Head Fencing Coach, Pennsylvania State University
12-times NCAA Combined Championship Title, 28 NCAA Individual Titles, 4-times NCAA Coach of the Year
25-times Top-Three NCAA Men’s finishes
20-times Top-Three NCAA Women’s finishes

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jay Choi in several different capacities over the last 15 years. I have seen him work successfully as a fencing coach, fencing referee, tournament organizer, and fencing club administrator. I can unreservedly say that I can endorse Jay as a professional in all of these capacities. He gives great attention to detail and is dedicated to providing the best service to all of his clients and colleagues at all times.”

Bruce Gillman
Head Fencing Coach, Vassar College
Assistant Coach, Sacred Heart University

“Jay is a passionate and dedicated coach. He works tirelessly to improve himself and his students. The result is a dynamic group of athletes of all ages who both develop within the sport and as people. He is a valuable member of the community and someone I am proud to call a colleague and friend.”

Bradley Baker
Assistant Fencing Coach, Temple University
Head Fencing Coach, University of Massachusetts
Instructor, US Coaches College at the Olympic Training Center

“Jay is a fantastic coach and teacher. He teaches fencing through his passion for the sport and the great results speak for themselves. He is always positive and caring towards his students and other members of the fencing community. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future!”

Tom Strzalkowski
Assistant Fencing Coach, US Air Force Academy
Volunteer Fencing Coach, Penn State University
Owner/Coach, Fencing Academy of Denver
1996 Olympic Team, 3-time NCAA Champion, 5-time US National Team Member

“Jay works very hard at his craft and is constantly training to make himself better. He cares about his students both on and off the strip.”

Jerry Benson
Fencing Coach, 2000, 2004 Paralympic Games
Head Master at Arms, Redlands Fencing Center
Vice-President, US Fencing Association
Vice-President, US Fencing Coaches Association

“Jay has produced quality fencers one after the other. They are well trained and understand the tactical side of the game. He has a calm steady demeanor on the competition strip which allows his fencers to achieve their best results. He also runs top flight tournaments and events and puts in the work to make sure they are well attended. Jay is a coach and business owner that I can highly recommend.”

Ted Smith
Owner/Head Coach, Hangtown Saber Club
2008 US Veteran Team Member

“Jay does not do things by halves. His dedication to refereeing has not ever been equaled. Not only did he strive to be the fairest ref he could, he also tried to improve the competition experience for fencers and their families in any way he could.

Since then, we’ve continued to move in the same worlds – studying in coaching programs together, sharing insights on coaching and running fencing clubs – and his dedication to coaching and supporting his students somehow even surpasses his former dedication to refereeing.”

Kate Thomas
Owner/Coach, Delaware Valley Fencers Club
Fencing Coach, Bryn Mawr College
Fencing Coach, University of Texas at Austin

“Jay was the hardest-working fencing referee any of us had ever seen. Ever.”

Ian Serotkin
Editor, US Fencing Rules Book

“Jay Choi is a top-notch fencing coach and referee. I have been continuously impressed with his skills over the years that I have known him. His work ethic and dedication to the sport of fencing are second to none. As a fellow fencing club owner, I feel that he is adept at creating the kind of environment that gives his students the room to excel and reach their fullest potential. I would gladly recommend him to any prospective employer.”

Jim Liebich
Owner/Head Coach, En Garde Fencing

“Jay has been an excellent mentor, and his thoughts on service, especially customer service, in the scope of the fencing referee have helped to shape my career as a ref. His professionalism, expertise, care and concern for the the fencing community is evident as his club continues to thrive and produce excellent results.”

Andria Hines
Fencing Referee

“Jay is a consummate professional with a great eye for detail and an acute focus on customer service — a true referee’s referee!”

Carol Donahue
Fencing Coach, Lycée Français de Toronto
Fencing Coach, Beaches Sabre Club
Fencing Referee

“Jay has great integrity and a good, keen eye.”

Gary Zeiss
Fencing Referee
Treasurer, Pacific Coast Section of the US Fencing Association