Our Coaches

“We are the children’s advocates. We are the stewards of the next generation.”

Head Coach Jay Choi

Jay brings a wealth of experience and intellectual materials in fencing into our curriculum.  From officiating at every level of fencing tournaments (from local levels up to NCAA finals and North American Cup finals), and apprenticing under fencing masters from all over the world, Jay has a rare gift of putting complex concepts into perspective in a way that benefits every level of his students.  While he is extremely demanding when it comes to technical details of our fencers, that pays dividends in how they perform down the line.  It’s an extremely delicate balance, pushing for performance all the while reminding ourselves the love and joy of the sport and our community.

Athletes under Jay’s care over the years have reached medal round performance in local, regional, national and international levels.  Many of them also have moved onto become fencing referees, coaches and even club owners themselves!

Jay’s passion for details and technical excellence is reflected on his other endeavors.  When he’s not coaching our fencers, he’s performing concerts with classical quartets or orchestras throughout the Bay Area, from symphonies, to operas and musicals.